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Financial Organizer

Keeping your financial affairs organized can help you manage your day to day life....but should you need assistance with financial matters, or upon your passing, also makes it easier for those helping.  A simple 3-ring binder can suffice, or digitally as well.

Here is a starting list of documents and information items to consider.

Asset Statements - Retirement (i.e. 401k, 403b, 457, IRA) Other Investment (brokerage, college savings) Bank Accounts, Social Security (available at, Pension

Liability Statements - Mortgage, Auto Loans, Student Loans, Credit Card, Copy of regular bills (electric, internet/cable, gas, garbage, etc.)

Protection Information Statements and policy copies (where available) - Property/Casualty(Auto, Home, Umbrella, Life), Group Policies (Life, Disability, Medical, Dental), Personal Insurance (Life, Disability, Long Term Care)

Legal Document Copies- Driver’s License, Passport, Social Security Card, Wills/Estate Plan/Power of Attorney, Birth Certificates, Marriage certificates, COVID Vaccine Cards, Social Security Card

Miscellaneous - Website Passwords, Lockbox Information, Contact Information of Trusted Advisors (Attorney, CPA, Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent), Credit Reports