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Choosing a Financial Advisor

Choosing a financial professional to collaborate with you in your financial journey and success is an important decision.

Here are some considerations to help differentiate amongst financial professionals and the firms they represent.

In short, it’s about who you are comfortable with and trust. If you’d like to learn more about my practice and how we can work together, click here to grab a time on my calendar that is convenient for you.

Areas of knowledge and experience
What areas do you want help with? An overall, holistic strategy that addresses various areas of financial planning, or a singular area such as retirement analysis, saving for a child’s education, or insurance and protection products?

Are meetings held in person, virtually, by phone, or a combination? How frequently are meetings held? How do they keep in touch?

There are many industry certifications, however CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals have attained the standard of excellence in financial planning by meeting education, experience, and ethical standards, and as part of their certification, they have made a commitment to CFP Board to serve your best interests (acting as a fiduciary). Confirm if your financial professional is a CFP® by clicking here.

Licensing may impact what recommendations are made as some financial professionals can just sell fixed insurance products, while others can offer a full array of investment and insurance products. Click here to learn about a potential financial professionals licensing and background on the FINRA Brokercheck website.

Products/Services Offered
Many firms have a limited “menu” of products or services, often promoting “proprietary” (their own) products first, while other firms are a “network” or “broker” of many companies’ products and service and can “shop around” for the best fit.

Fee structure
Financial professionals may be compensated in a variety of ways, including hourly fees, assets placed under management charges, and commissions. Each may be appropriate dependent on the circumstances and needs, however understanding the compensation model and what services are included, both initially and ongoing, is important.